This is Shinji-Okawa and if you are into Numerology, I am a Number 3 person.

Meaning, I have the creative force, the trinity and embodies creation. People with a 3 are usually a positive and optimistic attitude and see obstacles as challenges for extravagant solutions. From the spiritual perspective, the 3 stands for the unity of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, also the human spirits soul and body. Threes have communicative vibrations with the ability to give inner knowledge to others. The 3 is called the number of fate and karma. The energies of Mars make the three positive and powerful, but also include energies of protection.


Hence when I came across the internet talking about currency wars between countries and economies, that got me very interested and I began go in depth into it. After reading easily more than 20 articles, I can see the dark and frightening side of this problem and if it spreads across the world, calamity may just fallen onto mankind with unimaginable effects.

I can see the looming problem and I want more people to know but it’s very difficult to explain to the younger generations or even my own parents hence I have decided to use my number 3 ability to create a currency game so that more can understand what’s currency is and how it affect your lives regardless!

It’s called www.currencyworldwar.com game.


The creation is to educate people what is Forex Currency, how does it move throughout the day, how its volatility make one rich and poor at incredible speed but most important, how does it affect the country’s economy….. in FUN, ENJOYABLE and COOL environment.

How it began

I have spoken to many Adults aka Businessmen on my idea but none were interested and found it childish, ridiculous and some even quoted as SILLY & DUMB! I wrote to dozens of brokering houses across Asia via their contact email but none came back positively. But one day, via email, Cambodia’s GoldFX Investment (GFX) Management Team picked up the idea and I saw my wish came true.


Coming from a very strict family background in Japan, I am not allowed to leave the country without my parents consent hence I met GFX spokesperson online and they agree to make my idea even better and reach out to the masses.

So if you are ready to try this game of mine, do go through this website and register for it as the game will be officially on 29th of October 2015 and it will be First Come, First Served basis.

May YOU become The TOP Trader of CurrencyWorldWar series!